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Blogging from Dubai! (Part 1)
August 11, 2009

The action started as our Turkish Airlines Flight 0018 made touched down onto the runways of Dubai’s International Airport. It was about 3 am, Saturday morning and I, along with about 120 other passengers were just thankful that our destructive Turkish Airlines experience had finally come to an end. And oh by the way, please, don’t ever harm yourself by deciding to take a Turkish Flight, ever!

It started in Toronto as I jumped onto a ten and a half hour flight from Toronto to Istanbul and did I mention that experience was little short of hell in the skies? Ironically, the Turkish Airlines boasts itself over good quality but lets be honest, I rated my experience – at best – a D+ grade for service. If that wasn’t bad enough, their general announcements were made in a language that 98% of the people on board did not speak – and if you think the announcements were made in Turkish, think again! They were made in German, yes I said, German! And all of that put together – their horrible service and weird choice of announcing important – potentially – life saving announcements in German brought little comfort to such a long flight. Then we got to Istanbul and what an experience. I was greeted well by numerous Muslims as I tried to make up for a prayer or two that I had missed as I tried to remain alive – from lack of food – while on the Turkish flight.

My experience in Istanbul was flying high on some wonder clouds until – wait for it, wait for it – there was an unexpected delay on my flight out of Turkey and into Dubai. And had they communicated the reason for our delay maybe tempers would remain low but to ask the Turks to communicate is like asking a Jewish man to donate money to some good hearted Minorities cause – Ain’t gonna happen y’all! So I waited along with all the other passengers until finally, after an hour delay and no communication they – the airline employees – decided to communicate the cause right? Wrong. In fact, they just pretended as if they were right on schedule and that drove AbdulMajeed, AbdulKareem and AbdulRahman – all men of different ethic backgrounds that I had met while I was hanging with them thobe brothers in Istanbul – crazy! So, as the patient Muslims we are, we waited and waited until they were ready and boarded us on to the flight. And here is the best part, once I got onto the flight, you know that feeling of nerves – will I be seated next to a person who smells or maybe a person who – god forbid – doesn’t speak English? Well those nerves got put to bed once I realized I was seated next to a young Iranian man who lived in Toronto his whole life but moved to Dubai about a year ago after being offered a job in a marketing company. And I thought I was excited to see him but before I could introduce myself to him, he said ‘OHHH man! Aren’t I glad to see you. I thought maybe I would be seating beside some next person’! Despite his excitement to see me, I was even more relieved to not be seated near a Turk for another 4 hours (I joke, I joke! Really, I don’t have anything against Turks).

And after getting to know the man for exactly 50 minutes, we both called it a night and turned opposite ways and dosed off into a sleep for the remainder of the flight. And once we had landed in Dubai and the aircraft came to a complete stop, you wouldnt believe what happened next! Walahi, I swear by Allah, a Somali young man on the flight started – or should I say, engaged – in a fight with a Arab man. They both swung punches, one missing, the other landing. The people started to make noise and I was looking for Navid – my Iranian friend – to see if he was willing to place a bet with me but by the time my gazed located him, he was too far for any discreet bets to take place. And to end this entry of my first blog about Dubai, I will end it with the words the young Somali uttered to the Arab once the people had broken up the flight. He said, “I’ll ‘F’ you up man, in your own Country, you ‘F’ing’ Arab”! (Please