Somethings, I just dont understand!

For one, why are firemen so beloved by our society? I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t those men running into a burning building? And to makes matters worse, I often see them run full speed into a flaming house, in order to save who – scruffy, the black cat with white spots that forgot to run out of the house when flames erupted from the kitchen. I mean, okay! I understand that sometimes firemen save lives and of course, if I saw my family inside a burning home, I too would take every measure to save their lives but I just can’t understand why a fireman puts his life on the line to save a turtle (and if you think I’m joking about the turtle thing, I’m serious..such an incident has happened). And to make matters worse than they already were; sometimes the fireman dies in the process of trying to save that helpless turtle. Again, I’m just saying…I think a human life is worth saving but a human life is not worth losing over an animal when 12 foot flames cover a house – logic tells me, and apparently this logic isn’t required to become a fireman – if a house is covered in flames, it is not wise to run into that house! And for all the firemen out there, we respect what you do but please remember, you are not a superman and probably, more likely than not, you have a family at home so try to recall that before you risk your life for a pet. Besides, I’m under the opinion that if we can develop the technology to send humans to the moon, and moreover, if we can create manless drones to bomb western Pakistan, I’m sure we can also develop the type of machinery needed to never witness another fireman lose his life in the midst of trying to preserve the property of someone else. And talking about firemens; why are they always the first to arrive at any emergency call? Maybe it has something to do with their big red fire truck and how everyone keeps their distance when they hear their sirens coming their way (you can never trust those guys who drive those trucks). As you can tell, I’m not a big fan of firemens!

And another thing I can’t seem to understand is why does society have a problem with  Muslims women choosing to wear the niqaab. Of course society claims that our sisters can wear whatever they please but their words and actions must speak the same language before I can accept their claims to be true. Afterall,  I’ve heard, and God forbid I ever see a niqaabi be disrespected in front of me, but such negative behaviours have been experienced and spoken about by many sisters. And if society has a problem with women covering themselves, then I too have a problem with women coming outside of their homes wearing nothing but a bra and tight jeans. And society shouldn’t develop a trait we call on the street as being ‘shaddy’. It shouldnt deal with one group of people one way and another group a different way when we’re all citizens of the same society. And yes, I’m getting to that point where I can’t stand to surrounded by naked people which has left me asking myself one question: what happened to modesty? Apparently, like dinosaurs, it no longer exists.


2 Responses

  1. Venting?

    Since when did society make sense? They always speak from both sides of the mouth. I don’t think you can do much about how they treat people except maybe educate as you go along.

    As for the firemen, everyone has their calling. Most of them love what they are doing and thats what makes them run into blazing houses.

  2. Venting, you ask? Not really. I guess I just decided to write on my blog today. But am I really starting to sound like I’m that case, boy I better stop writing.

    I guess you’re right – society never made any sense so why am I giving it too much thought. I suppose I’m just trying to make a difference and speak out about those things that dont seem right. And please dont defend firemens because their is no excuse for running into a blazing house in order to save the gold fish. No excuse, whatsoever.

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