I am..

A prisoner to my own emotions

Often at war against a powerful foe

who invades the sanctity of my heart in many different shapes and forms

By day, I stand strong

by night, I grip the ground as I attempt to dodge enemy fire

that attacks the base of the heart through strategic desires!

Often, I burn my soul through consistent reminders to remain strong and aviod a life in the eternal fire


With nowhere to flee

I march forward seeking the inner battlefield in order to become free!

Against an enemy known to me as my own destiny

In essence, I struggle to liberate my soul as I pursue my final decree

Question: what will become of me?


If I continue to pursue a path to become a man in a society that produces boys

What will become of me

what will become of my children

and my family to be


Lost in clustered never-ending thoughts

I stand caged like a wild beast in a body that produces poetic heat

between a soul that harbours visions of past days and destructive desires

if the world leaders knew I milked the earth for its global energy

Imprisoned – I would be


Instead I fight to conceal the powerful voices that scream from within

But I – for my part – remain in a state of denial

As I struggle to remain sane in a world that breed’s insane

Will I survive in my pursuit to survive another day in a society that bleeds internal desires

for that answer, you will need to look into the book of Decrees

Truly, only Allah knows what will become of me 




8 Responses

  1. Powerful imagery. We all wrestle with our inner demons, some of us are stronger perhaps after the encounter while others get weaker 😦

    Great poem.

  2. Maybe this is the first piece for a new poetic justice..just maybe.

  3. Sleep Depraved (what a name)!

    Thanks. And we all wins some battles and loose some, but its the experience that counts. As long as we try to learn from those experiences lol

  4. Truer words have never been spoken.

    What wrong with my name?

  5. Nothing is wrong with it..its unique. And thanks for the visit.

  6. Salaam! I see this corner is still alive and kicking, ya Ameen. Masha Allah.

    That’s a very deep and thought-provoking piece — one of your best thus far.

  7. Assalamu Alaikum Ameen! Been awhile so I thought I’d drop by. I see you haven’t updated the blog since last year, and I am SURE you have more experiences to write about than ever (yes, I still check in the QMajd forums from time to time — mabrook!) and of course, more poetry to share with your old fans. Keep writing walaal!

    • Salaam Safia and I know I’m a few years late in my reply – hope you’re doing well InshaAllaah.

      Experiences? I’m not sure what you mean but yes, I’ve been alive so I got to experience the world and its ups and downs and what a wonderful world we are living in Al-hamdulilah.

      I’m back. I’m back and blogging. Will try to keep consistent with it.

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