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I Found My Way Back to the Valley
February 25, 2017

Its been a while, rather, its been years since I found myself making my way back to my starting point: the Valley of the Poets.

I don’t know if my once-upon-a-time great reader base is still around – I doubt it to be honest – but what I do know is my connection to my poetic justice is very much alive. ¬†Alive. Oh how I’ve missed you, O’ Poetic Justice.

Over the years, much has changed with me and even more so, the world. Dark nights were followed by bright days, sorrow situations are now appearing as blessings – I am so thankful to have experienced this journey, which I intend to share with you all. Its been a tough couple of years, but perhaps the best way to explain what I’ve been up to is to share a few verses from my latest work? Perhaps I could sum it up with a short phrase: regardless of what happened, or is happening, do yourself a favour and SMILE. You deserve to be happy and happiness is within each and everyone of us. Find your happiness and live it.

I hope to make this version of my Poetic Justice an inspiration, a confirmation that despite the ups and downs of life – we can all embark upon that path towards happiness. Towards success. We can do it together. You could be my guest of honour as I make my way back to the Valley…

Until next time, Be Blessed.