Come run with me


Come run with me as we journey to discover new emotions

Keep pace with me as we explode over these numerous oceans

Of trials, tribulations in pursuit of what’s true…

Come run with me as I whisper I’ve run so far, so strong, to find you..

To find you. You.

Come run with me and lets make it there – to that beautiful tree

Before the coming of the nights decree

When the evils of life will be released with the dark key

Come run with me and picture you and me – free.

Sitting by the sea

Staring into each other, thanking the Lord for bringing us together

Come run with me, grab my hand and let me feel your heart beat

The intense heat coming from your fingers truly speak

Of a soul overtaken, so bleak

By day so strong, by night feeling so weak

Come run with me and let’s find our place wherever it be

Just me and you – lets fulfill our destiny

I promise you can find rest in me

Come run with me, faster, faster – we’re almost there..

Over there, where individual souls become a pair

Where we can share – you don’t have to feel, scared.

Come run with me, come be with me, lets truly be free…







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  1. Until next time, #StayBlessed #BeBlessed

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