I am my own inception
a standing establishment – responsible for my own actions
trapped in a world built on deceptions
I refuse to be a code in a society built on encryptions

I’ve become a prisoner to my own reflections
say no more…
starring into the mirror I see a figure with no emotional connections
open the door…
I feel a new force pulling me in multiple directions
how much for my soul…

Truth be told,
I’ve found her – happiness – and she is no misconception
She is a foundation
Bringer of smiles, remover of distractions
No more perceptions
Just the reality of living – living is a new dimension

Envision me,
finding the word – free,
Sitting by the sea,
battling a light clam breeze
warm sand to my feet
finally a sense of peace

I rise to my feet
What do I see…
What did my gaze seek to retrieve
What do I believe…
On that side she lives and breathes
Between us water as far as the eyes can see
I can feel her
She can almost see me…
But today we are servants to the Most Mighty


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  1. Another transactions in my Poetic Justice


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