10 Take Aways from Ramadan 2017

1. I remember what feels like a few days ago, its arrival, now we’re in the last of its days – what happened to Ramadan? It came and it’s gone. Almost gone. Just another reminder of how Time waits for none.

2. People need to just chill, take a breath and relax. I have no idea when did the “do not park” here sign became a validation to park there? Why not have some care and consideration and park without blocking others? How about when you arrive late inside the masjid, not jumping over the folks who’ve been there much earlier? Can we retire the shoulder punking to get to the front line? Did we forget where you stand in the line doesn’t necessarily mean you have more taqwa but rather how you devote yourself within the prayer is what separates people?

3. Have you noticed? This year above all others how many people upon finishing the prayer reach to grab their cellphones​ from their pockets and check for notifications?. It’s true and I guess I get it? Someone super important may have attempted to reach out to you while you were in front of the most important – but what do I know.

4. It gets me thinking – further to my point above – how we have a problem, people. We now live in a society where a person may be physically available when in truth they are far from being present. Do you know what I mean? In other words, we find ourselves living in a time where​ communicating happens with very limited actual talking. Communicating has become limited to phrases such as “hit me up on Facebook later, we’ll catch up” or “I’ll get at you on Twitter…”. How about, a no. How about we actually just, you know, talk?

5. This Ramadan has been good for me but even better for my closest of friends. I’m happy he’s actually finding peace during this month. Is this the definition of true friendship….

6. I was playing a game I created called, “what do you really want” with a close person to me a short while back and I came to a realization that I probably should of already known. The gist of the game – for those who don’t know –  is if you could have anything in the world right now, what would your heart yarn for? My companion and I exchanged what we would want and that is when I realized we are so far apart in life – he yarns for marriage to the most beautiful of women, I’m just trying to live and find happiness again.

7. For the sake of keeping one’s sanity, the NBA needs to consider delaying the NBA Finals until after Ramadan because Allah knows how many brothers were absent during certain nights. I can’t elaborate but I assume you understand what I mean and if not, let me just say, may Allaah guide us.

8. It seems every year my co-workers ask me during Ramadan, “how are you able to fast for so many hours…?”. I get this urge to reply with “you know, the same way I did it last year, remember? How about the year before brah!!?” but I catch myself and I usually respond with better manners.

9. I created a 3-4 dou’aa list before Ramadan and I can happily report that I’ve asked for the same things every day since the beginning of the month. I’m hopeful it will be answered insha’Allaah

10. This year I learned something new in the Quran that passed me over so many times in the past. Throughout the 1st portion of Al-Baqarah, Allaaah the All-Wise mentions over and over the importance of being grateful. I seriously need to do a better job of remembering His many blessings upon me rather than getting caught up with those things that don’t go my way.



4 Responses

  1. I’m trying to be consistent in posting.

    Thanks for visiting.



  2. Hi Ameen, it’s been like a decade. I came across your blog randomly last Friday. And I remembered I seen this blog somewhere. And then it occurred to me where. If you are on twitter follow me at @inansoomaliyeed. An old friend from the 6ix lol

    • Hey Huda. Not on twitter, I know, how can I not be lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, old friend from the Six 🤔. That clue, by the way, does not help lol.

      I appreciate the comment and the visit.

      • I made my account recently. The only social media account I own. Send me an email whenever you have time. Take care, and good luck with your blog.

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