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April 13, 2008

Im suffocated, I just cant seem to breath

Mixed emotions got me thinking its time for me to leave

She spots me in my car and says, “we need to sit and talk”

I tell her just wait

Matter fact, STOP!

I got a lot of things on my mind so don’t push me off the line


She looks me with fiercefull eyes and says “boy, its due or die”

“Make a decision, do you wanna be mine?”

I tell her, I need a woman who will help me find paradise

She said, “I know you hesitant cause I don’t wear hijab but I can change if you’re patient enough”

I said, its not about that

Rather, I need you to take some time and wrap your heart around Allah

After that, I’ll always be here and we can talk

“But I love you”,

And I love Allah so love who I love and we will be alright

That was six months ago and I broke her heart

I’ve been suffocating ever since cause my organs had rebelled

I seek Your mercy dear Lord grant me some help


I hadn’t seen her since so I wondered is she alright

But just the other night, I spotted her while I was in the ride

Her beautiful educated mind had been wrapped with the scarf of life

Although it was dark, her face shined with faithful light

I whispered to myself, “O’Allah, forgive her and admit her into Your paradise”


My Experience With Love
March 7, 2008

What is love?

Its seems for generations mankind has been involved in a heated debate in regards to the topic of love. Does love exist or better yet, can you tell me about love at first sight? Let me take it one step further and ask you about our period of existence. Do you believe that our generation values love any differently from those who came before us? These and many more are the questions that run through the mind of the freedom writer. However, unfortunately for him, the answers to such questions are unknown. So at the moment, I stand strong and despite the words of the liars that exist in my time of being, I declare after some deep thought, love does exist. Thats right, it does. For most of us, we will live life without it. For some, they will become exposed to it. While others will meet death while they harbour the feeling deep in their hearts. I’ve even known of individuals, mostly women, who have become ill due to the fact that the decree sent from above the heavens prevented their pour souls from being with their love. Nevertheless, let it be known many forms of love exist. We shouldn’t grow ignorant and restrict it to the opposite sex, although that is the most passionate form and also the most common. Believe it or not, I’ve experienced the so-called feeling of love and I’ve captured our battle in my Poetic Justice.

My Love:

My heart blinds me of the realities of tomorrow
I’m trapped between my thoughts of you and I feel no sorrow
Can a love like this grow even stronger

If you were attacked I would defend you with my honour
I will be your protector and He is my supporter

Fear is but a thought that has been transformed into a feeling
I grab it by the throat and jump head first into any commotion
I will remain committed to you and forever fulfill my devotion

Now time is of great essence so I worry about the events of tomorrow
Will we be kept apart forever, if not, than how much longer

If I had one wish in Junnah, I would ask for you
And if I could intercede, I would speak on your behalf
I invite you to good and you invite me to that which is better
So let’s hasten to do good together
Perhaps we will be granted mansions the size of the heavens and earth put together

Now history is but events that follow one another
My love could be compared to the love spoken of by the Great Scholar,
He spoke in great detail of this energetic feeling
His love was directed towards a lady, whereas my love is for my father
He felt pain and sorrow
But I feel like I’ve gained and I look forward to the events of tomorrow