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I never THOUght You would say THAT!
April 8, 2008

Have you ever been caught off guard with a comment from someone that you found no words to respond with? Well I have on plenty of occasions but no comment exceeded the importance of what my companion uttered to me on this very evening.

It started with an overwhelming desire to write on my blog so I asked a companion whom I was conversing with on the phone, “can you give me some suggestions as to what I should write about on my blog?” and my companion responded, “You know, I find your blog too Islamic…why dont you discuss something other than Islam”. Shaken by the comment and somewhat caught off guard by the response, I didnt find many words to reply with so I proposed another question, “too Islamic? Thats because Im Muslim. So what else should I write about (if not Islam)..?”. And so my companion drowned in thoughts responded with, “I think you could write about other issues that dont have to do with Islam you know! Like education or how money rules the world..”  How money rules the world? Are you serious, I thought to myself. We must be living in two different worlds because in my world, money doesnt rules…it enslaves people and when it exposes the most evil of their characteristic traits, spits them out like they were nothing or like the garbage machines who dispose filth. At that moment, it was becoming more and more clear that my companion and I were from two different dimensions and our co-existence was one of delusion and not of reality. But how we’ve managed to remain this long is one of those answers that is kept solely with Allah. However the following comment that found its way out of the mouth of my companion HIT THE SPOT. It hit me soo hard I couldnt recall anything I’ve done to that point. It hit me like dramatic, sudden news. Like the arrival of sadden hearts who have been exposed to the news of the death of their most beloved individual. My once, rich memory bank entered poverty  and flashes of random ayaats from the Quran started to appear, not to mention, incidences from the Seerah, the life of the Messenger of Allah.

Just before my companion uttered the comment, I could recall remaining semi-silent searching for words that would keep the NOW awkward conversation moving forward and than it happened. Unexpectedly, I found myself placed in a situation of “testing” and not one of patience. The words of my companion appeared to me in the form of heavy barrels filled with weight that managed to escape his conscious state of mind as he uttered, “Just ease of Islam for a bit…”. I was stunned. Flashes of reality started to appear right before my very eyes. Ease off WHAT! Islam?  After sending many hours studying the religion of Allah and committing myself to His worship, a companion comes around and lacks the shyness to even utter such words to me? Now this was news to me. I was completely caught off guard. I wanted nothing more than to say, “Islam? I will NEVER ever..By Allah, I would rather be thrown off a cliff than to ease off Islam”. After hearing such a comment, I removed the phone from my ear and I started to recall the people of Mecca, when the call of One God was being proclaimed by the Messenger of Allah and how on one occasion, the leaders from the Pagans sat down with the Messenger of Allah, trying to negotiate with him (saw) regarding Islam. The pagans said, “worship our gods for one day and we will worship your God for one day” but the Messenger of Allah rejected their offer. They countered his reply with, “worship our gods for one day and we will worship your God for one week?”, again, the Messenger of Allah(saw) turned down their proposal. Finally the pagans thinking they could somehow lure the Messenger of Allah to an offer he would summit to said, “worship our gods for one day and we will worship your God for one month?”. After hearing such words, the Messenger of Allah (saw) made is known to them that this religion is not for him (saw) to decide on what can or can not be negotiated. At that moment, it became known to all of the pagans of Mecca, this is the religion of Allah and only He can legislate the matters pertaining to it. Thereby the pagans lost all hope that the Messenger of Allah would ever submit to their requests. Similarly, when I heard my companion utter, “Just ease of Islam…” I thought to myself…”Islam?” I would rather ease off food, drink, all sexually relations, all encounter with my beloved family than to ever CONSIDER easing off Islam”. Foolish, if you ask me. And the most surprising aspect to the situation is how little my companion actually knew me? Didnt my companion know I LOVE my ISLAM. I love the prayers, the fasting and most of all, I love ALLAH. How then can a companion say such words?  Seriously though, how did my companion expect me to react? Moreover, I never thought in my entire life, I would hear a companion of mine utter such words. By Allah, I knew after hearing such a comment, I was being tested and if I remained on the phone, it would be ignorant of me and if I excused myself from the conversation, I would have taken an action in which Allah would be pleased. So I rushed off the phone and I quickly sought forgiveness for my companion on the utterance of a heavy statement. A statement that will come forth on the Last Day and appear on the scale of my companion as a witness against, rather than a means of support. I noticed that I quickly distance myself from him and his words as I tried to humble myself before Allah, knowing I wasn’t completely innocent regarding the  situation. But I couldnt believe my companion said, ease of Islam? It like saying, ease off prayer, or ease off fasting and ease off giving charity to the poor. I would NEVER (and that is NEVER) ease off Islam or anything pertaining to the religion of Allah and if my relationship with my companion has collapsed after the exposure of his hidden feelings, Im confident that Allah will grant me someone who loves the religion as much as I do (inshAllah) because Allah, He is the All-knower of what we love. After hanging up the phone with my (former) companion, I was overtaken by sadness for him. I was not, to the slightest degree of imagination, reflecting over the newly destroyed relationship between myself and him, but instead…I was sad due to my lack of impact in his life. Just reflecting over the hours of conversing with him and my plots to wisely await moments to discuss the events that await us after death and our status with Allah, such efforts to cause him to realize the importance of improving his overall relationship with His creator were of little benefit to my companion. Perhaps I will never talk to this companion after this evening. If that is the decree from Allah, upon hanging up the phone, I looked up towards the heavens and I said, “Ya Allah, Your slave and my companion asked me to ease off Your religion and I my Lord, refused such a proposal. Forgive me and forgive my companion and guide us to the straight path”.